Music for Orchestra by Joseph Ott         

Date:  1966
Duration:  20’

Africotta II
Date:  1977

Chorale for Small Orchestra
Date:  1957

Dance Suite No. 1 (for chamber orchestra in Romantic style)
Date:  1952
Notes:  I. Pastorale; II. Nocturne; III. Waltz; IV. Polka

Dance Suite No. 2: “Legend” for Modern Dance
Date:  1956
Instrumentation:  Orchestra and Narrator

Divertimento for Orchestra
Date:  1960
Duration:  13’

Divertimento No. 2
Date:  1966
Duration:  12’

Elegy for Strings
Date:  1968
Instrumentation:  Violins I and II, Viola, Cello and Double Bass

Date:  1972
Instrumentation:  Orchestra and Electronic Tape
Notes:  Commissioned by the Beloit Symphony Orchestra, Beloit Wisconsin

Five Deductions in Syllogistic Form
Date:  1960

Free Variation (on Girl of the Wilds)
Date:  1962
Duration:  5’-5’30”

Fugue for Orchestra
Date:  1957
Duration:  10’30”-11’

Interlude (from “the Gift”)
Date:  1959

Matrix III
Date:  1969
Instrumentation:  Chamber Orchestra
Notes:  Commissioned by Leopold Sipe for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

Matrix VI
Date:  1971

Matrix IX
Date:   NA
Duration:  12’

Music for Chamber Orchestra
Date:  1967
Duration:  26’
Notes:  Commissioned by Leopold Sipe for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

Orchestra Variations
Date:  1958

Date:  1969
Notes:  Solo for Double Bass and Chamber Orchestra

Palo Duro (Orchestral version)
Date:  1977

Date:  1952

Prelude for Kind of an Orchestra, Op. 4, No. 1
Date:  1956

Premise for Orchestra
Date:  1962
Duration:  13’-14’

Premise II for Orchestra
Date:  1980
Duration:  14’-15’ 

Rhapsody for Orchestra
Date:  1959

Satiric Suite
Date:  1959
Notes:  I. Eine Kleine Knocking Music; II. Waltz in Asia Minor; III. Sustained Refrain for a Crain in Rain in Pain—Poor Crain; IV. Buzzelwubbies Promenade; V. Poco Poncinello

Seven Haiku
Date:  1965
Instrumentation:  Soprano and Chamber Orchestra
Duration:  7’30”-8’

Sketches for Orchestra
Date:  NA

Slide Piece No. 2
Date:  1971

Slide Piece No. 3
Date:  1971

Study in the Unison
Date:  1963

Symphony No. 1
Date:  1964
Duration: 24’-25’

Symphony No. 2
Date:  1982

Three Studies in Density
Date: 1962

Date:  1984
Duration:  14’

Two Dances for Orchestra
Date:  1952

Unit 2572 L.A. 64
Date:  1965
Instrumentation:  Soprano and Orchestra
Literary Source: “Libretto, Van Ott, 1963”
Notes:  “a solo cantata for soprano to be performed either in concert or as a dramatic stage work”

Variations for Orchestra
Date:  1963
Duration:  20’-22’

Winter’s Night
Date:  1965
Duration:  5’3”-6’