Commissioned Works

Jesse Kregal (Timpani National Symposium)  Ricercare for Percussion 1964

St. Paul Philharmonic Society, Music for Chamber Orchestra 1967

Milton College, For the Celebration of Life-Choral Cycle 1968

Ethel Butler Dance Co., Mob of the Heart (ch. Ens.) 1962

George Washington University Dance Dept., The Intruder (lg. Ch. Ens.) 1963

George Grossman, Violist, Carnegie-Mellon University, Viola Sonata 1967

University of Maryland Trio, Piano Trio No. 1 1968

Dance Theatre of Washington, Psalm (vocal) 1961

Raymond Mantoni, Violist, Kent State Universtiy, Six Pieces for Viola and Piano 1961

James Bonn, Harpsichordist, University of Kentucky, Toccata for Solo Harpsichord 1967

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Matrix III 1968

Edgerton H.S., Wisconsin, Songs of Praise 1969

University of Maryland Piano Trio, Matrix IV 1969

Ellsworth Snyder, University of Wisconsin, Slide Piece No. 3 1971

Beloit WI Symphony Orchestra, Orchestral Work

Leopold Sipe, Illinois State University, Concerto for Violin and Tape

Barton Cummings, University of New Hampshire, Bart's Piece 1973

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, St. Paul, Minnesota, NOMOS 1970

Tennessee Technical University, Murreysville, Tennessee, 8:22:73 1975

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., LOCUS-1977 1977

Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, Missouri, Warrensburg Suite 1980

Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas, Double Piano Trio 1986